It’s a Big Ocean

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A project of mine that hits close to home has just just gone live. It’s a Big Ocean is documenting the human side of the 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill. We have interviews with fishermen, business owners, park rangers and more people directly affected by this disaster. Content will be posted as it becomes edited, but we have some teaser stuff up now.

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  1. Jeremy Zilar says:

    Keep it up!
    The more stories that you cant gather about local residents, their thoughts, and examples of how the spill is affecting life in the region the better. I have been combing through community sites, Church sites, facebook, twitter, etc… looking for examples of community organizing and mobilization.

    You should also think about adding comments to the site.
    I will be adding you to the Oil Spill resources page on our site,

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