I’m a loser; spam me

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I feel like I have been left out. I have yet to get a single comment spam. This should be a good thing, but it’s pretty lonely when you’re not popular enough to get Viagra pushers to try and grab some of your page rank.

On another note, SixApart looks committed to wiping out comment spam, which is good news if you suffer from it.

Poll: Coolest US area code

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Quick poll here: What’s the coolest US area code and why (the city is cool, it flows, adds up to a prime number, etc…)? Looking for a lot of responses here as everyone has a favorite. The winner gets the satisfaction of knowing they picked my new area code (with that on the table, how can you resist?!).

The wrong way about it

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Who sets up a network of for-profit blogs that all share the same design? Maybe someone who never had a weblog until his company launched?

There are a few more things that bother me about Weblogs Inc.:

Kill Bill drops [updated]

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I know a lot of people who have been waiting anxiously for Kill Bill (myself included)… Tonight it goes down. I don’t want to have any plot spoilers because that is just wrong, so all discussion of the movie will take place in the comments section of this post. If you’ve seen it, jump on in the fun. If it’s anything like other Tarantino films, it will be a nice long discussion.

Update: Done and watched. See my thoughts on the permalink.
Update #2: Are you all lame asses?! Go see the movie (it’s #1 in the box office) and discuss.

This should put an end to the sudden streak of Tarantino posts…
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Yes those are ads

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If you’re one of the many HTML readers of this site you’ll notice something new… Ads. My TypePad account isn’t free (I’m signed up for Pro but may drop that down soon), but hopefully the ads will make it a wash. Don’t click if you’re not interested. The advertisers only make money when you buy (most of the time, there are a few non-ecommerce advertisers).

On another note… I have SARS (or maybe just random virus). Yea, just when you thought it was gone. Oh, and Zeldman is Jesus.

Quentin Tarantino / Matt Drudge twins

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Matt Drudge may be the king of scoops, but here’s one he hasn’t reported yet. Here’s an example of how similar Quentin Tarantino and Matt Drudge look:


For your reference, that’s Quentin on the left and Matt on the right.

Also, according to Drudge, Kill Bill is making Disney nervous. According to those that have seen it, Kill Bill is the most violent American film of all time. Not bad from a “family” company eh? Can’t wait. I’ll be there Saturday.

AdSense and weblogs

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There has been a lot of trash concerning AdSense being talked these days, but money talks. Matt sums it up best:

“When was the last time you heard someone say they received a check for advertising on their hobby site that could be used to purchase a fully loaded Aeron chair?”Matt Haughey

It’s the good life. That’s for sure. I’ll now resume puffing on my unused cash :P.

Bloggers are ugly

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You ever notice that bloggers are ugly? Check out some highlights of the BloggerCon photos… Eek.

That not enough to scare you? There are more. I’ve seen more black people in Montana (.3% of the population)…

Update: Just to clear things up, my point is that attendees of BloggerCon are ugly/white. Yes, there are hot/colored bloggers. That’s not my point.

Killer MovableType plugins

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Even though TypePad kicks major butt, I use MovableType more every day (for MobileTracker and a few upcoming sites). Been doing a ton of complex templating the last few days for said upcoming sites, and have really been hitting up a couple plugins that rock:

MTIfEmpty – lets you use standard looking MT tags to do if/else logic based on if fields are empty or not. This is key to almost any complex template.

MTCatEntries – lets you exclude categories from an MTEntries type tag (it renames it to something else, but does the same thing as MTEntries)… The default “category” attribute of MTEntries only allows you to specify categories to pull from (not categories to not pull from). Again… This is key to some of the more CMS type applications of MovableType.

MTCompare – adds more if/else logic… Haven’t used it yet, but it looks slick.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see the functionality of these being wrapped into a future release of MovableType (maybe Pro?). Another suggestion for getting more CMS functionality out of MovableType: think outside the box. They give you a few fields that you don’t normally use (keywords, excerpt). Use them.


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That’s the number of spams I received in a 24 test period ranging from 12:01AM 10/02/03 to 12:01AM 10/03/03. To put some perspective on that: