Random math problem

Here’s a random problem from what we’re doing these days in calc. The solution is in the permalink.

f(x) = (tanx + arctanx)^4
Find f'(x)

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First speech tomorrow

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Anyone have any tips for my speech tomorrow? It’s the first one of the semester (Intro to Public Speaking). I’m going to give the non-computer person explanation of how the internet works. If there is interest I’ll publish my outline/notes.

I’m not too nervous—public speaking is kind of fun—but this is the first time I have been graded on my speaking performance.

Update: Thanks for the tips. I did fine. A little short, but I kept it simple so all was good. It’s really easy to get over non-technical people’s heads (my goal was to KISS). My next big public speaking gig is the Apple store, and that’s a whole other monster :).

Any key

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Q: Where is the any key?
A: Compaq’s FAQ

This is why I don’t respect Windows users.

Product shot

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Don’t worry. The hair has been cut by now. The circa-1970 shirt is still in use however. Support your local thrift store.

Jon Gales coming to theatres near you

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If you’re going to be in Tampa on October 9th, you should stop by the Apple store in International Plaza (right behind the Airport) around 7PM EST. Yours truely is going to be showing off the secrets of being a Mac based web developer. Bonus points for all blog / MacMerc / MobileTracker readers.

The stuff should be on the store’s site soon.

If you’ve got any suggestions or questions, comment and I’ll get back to you. Expect a more formal PR closer to the date.

Feedster advertising

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Never advertise with Feedster unless the money is worth the joke that will be the results. The first run was so bad for everyone that we all got double what we paid for. The CTR for the first 10,000 averaged 0% (rounded to nearest tenth I believe). Things improved to an amazing .1% with the next 10,000. So all in all for $10 I got a few clicks that weren’t my own (just to make sure the reporting was really working). Great.

Sorry Scott—You need to target ads (it says you do, but since I didn’t pick keywords and the last 10,000 went pretty darn fast I think it’s faux targeting) or get a decent lock on your door for when real advertisers come knocking for their money back. The results I got from Google AdWords were about 25-45 times better than with Feedster. 🙁

As seen on a hat

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As seen on my friend Phil’s hat:


Yellow letters on a black cap. Nearly genius. In a few years some kid is going to find it in a Goodwill and thank Jesus.

AlBook benchmarks drop

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Why get into hardware benchmarking? All the free tail. BareFeats got ahold of the new PowerBooks and put them to work:

The new 15″ (and 17″) Aluminum PowerBooks don’t seem to suffer from the missing level 3 cache. The larger on-chip level 2 cache seems to take care of business. The bumped up clock speed and Radeon 9600 graphics translate into better performance. Apple’s going to sell a “oodles” of these!

But will it run Camino AND* BBedit? 🙂

* Yes folks—at the SAME TIME! I run a crazy life.

Conference calls

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If you’re the type that hosts conference calls (there are all types that read this humble site), check out my new best friends: FreeConference. If you don’t mind a long distance call, you don’t pay a thing. If you want a 1800 number (so your client doesn’t need to spend bucks to join the call for instance), it’s only 10¢ a minute per party. Amazing.

Couple this with Vonage or Packet8, and you have a hella cheap/powerful solution (no long distance fees). I’m going to be signing up for Vonage in the next few weeks, I’ll let you know how it goes. Cringley gave it a thumbs up in the latest Inc (the article in question is not on the web at this time).

Oh, and just FYI. I found out about FreeConference from reading 2600. Arrest me.

QOTD: Powerbook benchmarks

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“The benchmarks [of the new PowerBook 15.2″ 1.25 GHZ] made me jealous of myself in the future”

Future Jon is a gigahertz snob. That jerk.