Tomorrow we’ll be men

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I’ve been waiting for tomorrow since May. New PowerBooks. They are dropping tomorrow (4am the show starts, think I’ll check it out by 6) for sure. Can’t wait. Hopefully there won’t be huge shipping delays a la G5.

Update: Looks like I was right. They sure do look sweet. Think I’ll get the 1.25GHz 15″.

Welcome MacMerc

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If you’re coming via MacMerc, I’d like to welcome you. You are probably wondering, “Who’s Mena?”. She’s one of the co-founders of SixApart, the company that makes TypePad which is what powers this weblog. I originally got the domain just to give them a laugh, but I’ve grown to like it.

Comments are open on almost all posts, and you are encouraged to leave your voice. Thanks again!

Schoolfolio Launched

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The project* I’ve been working on the past week has been launched. It’s a new company called Schoolfolio. If you’re the type with kids you may just like it :).

*I just wrote the code—I’m not a partner

Still a few Slashdotters

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There are still a few people who read good ol’ /. it seems. My story on Nokia’s new phone that lets you print your own faceplates got linked today. With that link it officially becomes one of the most popular story MobileTracker has ever had—Gizmodo and BoingBoing linked yesterday. It is surely the fastest growing story… One that I didn’t even think was that cool when I was posting it. That’s why I get paid the big bucks I suppose.

The best part of these big traffic spikes is that some people will stick around. I see spikes as sort of a fueling. Fight like mad to keep great stuff going and hope to latch onto a good chunk of the new eyeballs

Every month has had more readers than the month before it, and if the trend continues at the same cushy levels, MobileTracker will kick out Google as the #1 site within 46,010 concurrent years (exluding any leap-days). Seriously though, I’m blown away.

Random bits

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I’ve been MIA lately. Here’s what I’ve been doing. Expect more frequent yet still average quality posts in a few weeks.


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Today, I snagged a refurb 3G iPod from Apple for a mere $249.99. The best part is it will ship right away. No one else has even one 10gb in stock. Should be here next week.

Update: Apple price matched me as the new iPod updates made the price drop $20. Very painless–just called the main number and in about 2 minutes the rep came back and said, “it will be back on your Visa within 3-5 business days”. Good thing I didn’t spring for the 15GB!

Apple is “cool”

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Well it’s official: Apple is cool. If you’re like me and treat Wired like the Bible, you can finally sing praise about your favorite computer company without comitting a sin. Apple’s even hip with the kids:

Thanks to the iPod, the iTunes Music Store and the PowerMac G5, Apple is one of the hottest companies in youth culture, say so-called “cool hunters,” researchers who track buying trends among young people.

Like you need validation, but here it goes. Last week I tried to order an iPod (10 gig) and got shot down. They are so popular (thanks to MTV?) that they are sold out everywhere I looked. Even from Apple! Here I was, begging to give them $300 of my hard earned cash, and all I got met with was a shipping date several weeks into the future. Bah. Screw that.

AdSense works

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I’ve deposited my first check from Google AdSense. Who says the internet doesn’t pay? Also, I sold one of the calculators I purchased on the public dime… $83. Not bad at all, 80% of what I paid for it. Now if I could just get AdSense to pay PayPal, life would be easy.

My really dumb move

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The other day I made a flyer for an upcoming rock and roll show here in Tampa… Looked good (just a quicky job) and the person I made it with made a few hundred copies. Later that night I get a voicemail from another buddy, “Dude nice flyer… where’s the date and time?”

You have to know the guy to realize why I thought he was just being an asshole. So I check the PSD…. He was right! Yes ladies and gentlemen, I made an event flyer and neglected to place either the date or the time. Dumb dumb dumb.

Happy September

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Happy September! Here’s to the end of Summer.

Update: It’s still hot here and will be until the end of November. Gotta love Florida! Two seasons…. Hot and warm.