Posting from my phone

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Thanks to a tip from Pete, I found how to keep an email address in my phone. This post is being made from my phone. Woot!

Update: A downside of posting via the phone is that there are no categories… I guess that’s what you get for cutting edge.

T68i email useless

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For the most part I love my Sony Ericsson T68i… I really do. However, its email functionality is amazingly limited. Simple things like being able to save addresses (or even getting an address from the phonebook) cannot be done. While in the phone book I can’t hit the menu key and email a contact. It’s a quick hack that allows their PR monkies to say it “supports POP mail”, not a well thought out and integrated feature.

Why the complaining? Well when trying to post to this here weblog via the phone, I wanted to save some time by not having to input a 16 character alpha-numeric random key email address more than once. I won’t remember it, so I figured I would be able to input once and use many times. No dice. Also, inputting non-words into a mobile phone is a tough process (no T9).

Thinking I could one-up Six Apart, I made a forward address so that I could type (not the actual address of course) and have it forward to the 16 character alpha-numeric random key email address. Well, Six Apart is too smart for that.

I could opt to use the reply back feature, but even then I’ll have to input an email address every time I want to post. Not handy at all. Shame on Sony Ericsson.

Posting from NetNewsWire

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Here’s a test-post from NetNewsWire… All I had to do is enter my URL, username and pass. NetNewsWire went to the site, pulled down a meta tag that told where to access the web service from.

What is the advantage of writing from a client? It’s got some nice features:

Update: It worked great. A lot faster than when I post to my MovableType powered sites. I only wish that I could upload images from here… That’s why I don’t use it to post to MobileTracker more.

Big day

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MacMerc did 120K pages yesterday… Sweet! I love having big days, but I hate when the traffic fades back away. At least some sticks. In reality we couldn’t afford having each day like yesterday, so in a way it’s a good thing.

Yes, that is calculus

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If you are trying to figure out what the “dc/dx” stuff is, it is how derivatives are expressed in calculus. dc/dx is the total of comments, and dt/dx is the total of TrackBacks.

I used to hate static

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I remember when I groaned that a page was static… “No cool features” was what I said–probably a dozen times. After some thought and a ton of web traffic (various Slashdottings, and keynotes), I like static again. On a shared server you can serve a ton of content if nothing (or very little) needs processed. Even dedicated servers start bogging down at 40-50 hits a second when MySQL has to be queried a few times a page.


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The templating in TypePad is a little different… Anyone know how to just get one album to appear? I found MTGalleriesInclude, but it includes everything and doesn’t seem to be easily morphed (it’s output pretty ugly by default). Ideally I’d like to show three thumbnails on the bottom of the main page… Sort of like they show up directly on the album pages.

It’s been so long

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I had a really bad accident a few weeks ago over at… Accidently deleted /usr on the server and well you know what happens next. MySQL went away faster than yesterday’s boy band. Seriously.

I vowed to do it over again in MovableType… The templating is so much more advanced than pMachine (what I had been using). I’m starting to think TypePad would be a good match. I just need to be able to create some other pages (more than just an about) and have my own domain name (

Ben/Mena Please comment

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I know you guys read through the domain names… I figured this would catch your attention :). Great job so far!

Beautiful UI

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I must say that TypePad has the best UI I’ve ever used on the net… Very clean. I love the tabs. There are a few quirks (some of the config’s don’t stick), but it’s very impressive.