New router

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Got a new LinkSys wireless router today to replace a really bad D-Link. If you’re ever tempted to get a D-Link wireless router because it’s $30, remember that it’s $30. After about 20 feet it just starts laughing at you. It has internet access. You wish you had internet access.

The LinkSys I got (model number BEFW11S4) is highly recommended. I’m sitting outside on the opposite end of the Gales compound. The D-Link thought going through semi-gloss was an accomplishment. The best part was the new router cost me just $59. Beautiful.

Domain for sale

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Due to too many things going on, I’ve decided to sell a nice little domain name I’ve had laying around. This is my first time ever doing so, but it’s not that complicated. The domain is You may remember it from back a good while ago, and if you were interested in becoming a reviewer (it was supposed to be a book review site), I’m sorry to let you down. Feel free to bid though.

For what it’s worth, all the book publishers I talked to were all over the idea. It’d be a great site for someone with a little more time. I’m sure that with a weblog and Amazon Associates / Google AdSense, it could make a little cash.

Enable PHP on Panther

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This looks pretty handy… I took the easy way out and installed the package. I’ve heard rumors that Panther ships with MySQL, but I again installed the package. You could say that I’m lazy and I wouldn’t argue.

Matrix Revolutions: Queue the rain

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Saw Matrix Revolutions tonight in IMAX. With an IMAX screen, even My Big Fat Greek Wedding could be cool. The Matrix Revolutions was no exception…

I may spurt out something crazy like “Neo is Jesus!”, so if you haven’t seen it, don’t read further. If you have, join in on the party.
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Even with the economy in an upswing, there are still a fair amount of cheap clients out there. This will never change because people don’t realize the value of paying top dollar (getting top dollar results). Sure, people will shell out the money for a few goods, but when it comes to something as important as corporate identity or usability, most owners balk at paying more than a friend’s cousin can do it for (with Microsoft Paint and Frontpage of course).

There is something to be said for finding a bargain, and I also that understand everyone doesn’t have the capital to hire 37Signals, but generally you get what you pay for. I’ve heard, “I’ll just go to India” from clients a lot lately. It doesn’t anger me at all… I wish them luck. If they put price over everything else, I don’t want to work for them. Hopefully they will get a great site, but the odds aren’t that great. Think going after a prick programmer in the states is hard? Try going after an Indian programmer.

The same thing goes for customer service. The first time I hire a customer service rep, I am going to be extremely picky. Too many [otherwise] great companies have horrible customer service. As a customer, I don’t want to be put on hold, go for days without email replies or hit a dead end. I don’t care if, “the system is down” or even if there is a gun man stalking through the office. I just want my problem fixed. As an employer, I’ll pay 2, 3 or even 4x the going rate if you can do that [efficiently].

Introducing the “emo” keyword

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eBay wants to be a hipster. Heh. Three years ago, you had to explain emo everytime you used it outside of the close knit circle of friends from whence it came. Times change. Multi-nationals now have dedicated eCommerce pages for emo.

Want to make a few quick bucks? Go to the thrift store and buy up some cool shirts at $.25. Spend an hour taking pics and putting up eBay listings and in 5 days, the shirts will all go for > $5 (some in the $10$30 range). Just make sure to stock the listing with “hipster“, “emo“, and “vintage” to get the best results. A hot model doesn’t hurt. Just remember that you’re selling to the kids that pay $30 for a shirt in the mall. Buying thrift store stuff at 2000% markup is nearly a steal.

Wanted: Flash programmer

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If you sometimes have entire conversations with friends in ActionScript, we need to talk. I need someone who can pick up a .fla and tweak it to work like a .swf that isn’t too much different (long story of why there is no .fla for the .swf).

The site is backed in PHP/MySQL, so there isn’t a whole lot of “meat” in the .fla. Should be cake for someone with some DB driven Flash experience. There is a good possibility of work in the future as well, provided that you really kick butt.

If you’re interested, please drop me a note/comment ASAP. Pay is based on experience.

Tickets? Check. Friends? Check.

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Last night I purchased my tickets to see the Matrix Revolutions in IMAX. Yes, it is being released in IMAX theatres on the same day as regular screens. There is a god. I can’t wait. Have you made your Matrix plans yet?

RSS weblog has no feed [updated]

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Today’s piece of irony is brought to you by the fine people at Weblogs, Inc… Check out their new[er] RSS Weblog. You’ll have to visit daily because there is no RSS feed.

Update: RSS has now been activated. Sweet! The feeds come in 3 flavors, but are only visible on the RSS weblog. For the others (at least at this time), you have to hack your way in. Use the following:

The flavor can be entries.xml, extries.rss or rss.xml for RSS .91, RSS 1 and RSS 2 respectively. The subdomain is of course the topic (in this case RSS).

It’s clear that these are pretty rough feeds (most likely why they aren’t linked), the related links just show up as raw URL’s, not links. BR’s aren’t translated into HTML entities, but at least they validate. Props for showing full posts too.

Thanks Jason!

Economy down?

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I listened to a speech today (given by a classmate) about how bad the US economy is. When I got home this afternoon, I saw 45 job postings in the Craigslist RSS feeds I follow (web dev jobs for a few cities in the state). If you’re smart, the economy is kicking butt. It’s not just web stuff, Craigslist is full of jobs across a ton of sectors.

If you want work, go find it. If it’s in another state, get a map. If you need to learn, buy a book or go to school. Stop complaining that India gets all the jobs and think about making a better widget.

I’d be interested in hearing how your personal economy is doing. Hopefully well, otherwise you are probably enflamed in anger. Sorry.

Update: The numbers are swinging back in line too. Look for jobs to make a big uptick soon.