Apple nuts

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I put a few Apple items on eBay the other day, hoping to trade them for a meal or two. Sucess. People never cease to amaze me, and especially on eBay.

Apple dogtags: $12 $18
Apple mousepad: $10 $15.50
Being the coolest 30 year old virgin on your buddy list: priceless

Apple did it again

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Is Panther worth $129? Well, it at least saves you $14.95. The rest is probably worth the $114.05.

Links in [make money]

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I’ll give the first person who lets me in on the secret of making internal and external (to webpages) links in .pdf files that work in Preview $15 (via PayPal). Right now they only work in Acrobat Reader, but I have seen links that work in Preview. The solutution must work in either InDesign or Acrobat Professional (InDesign much preferred).

Please leave the suggestions or questions in the comments field so everyone can see the time stamps, AND so others can have the solution later on. Thanks!

**Note: I am aware that this is normally not hard. I just can’t get it in this instance, so if you know of a common problem with doing it, that might be the solution.

Update: Solved the problem… It’s a bug in the Panther version of Preview. If you’re in the Select Tool and roll over a link, your cursor changes to the hand that signifies what you’re currently over is a link. Sounds cool right? Well, if you click the link it will go no where. You must go to the Tool menu and select the Text tool. Insane.

My subscriptions [share yours!]

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Well, I imported my subscriptions and spent a few minutes making an HTML file out of them for all to see. I think it would be really cool to see a bunch of these. It’s not hard to do:

My subscriptions can be found here [or here if you dig OPML]. If you’re not on there, remind me to add you. My list is behind the times. If you post your list, please leave a pointer in the comments or TrackBack it.

The silence is deafening

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After moving to the new PowerBook, my NetNewsWire susbscriptions failed to make the hike over. Not quite sure why, I haven’t really looked at it (copied over my NetNewsWire application support folder, but there must be more..). Anyway, I’ve really noticed how much I use NetNewsWire to stay in touch these days. Thanks Brent!

I have no idea what’s going on in non-world-newsdom. Must. Export. Subscriptions.

While I’m exporting, I’m tossing around the idea of open-source subscriptions. I’ll trim off the personal feeds I track (paid Technorati listings and such), but leave most everything else intact. It’d be fun to get a few others to jump in, akin to the show-your-dock meme. Thoughts?

What’s your spam ratio?

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(# of spams) / (# of good messages) = your spam ratio

Mine is sitting at between 7-10. In English, for every good message I receive, I get 7-10 unsolicited messages. You could also read this as, “For every good message, I get 2 mortgages, 2 inches of penis, 1 bottle of Vallium and enough Viagra to nail the whole block.”

** Tip: For SpamSieve users, just go to stats and look at the number in parentheses after the count of spam messages under “Filtered Mail”.

New member of the family

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After my deal at the Apple Store, I surrendered my debit card and came away with a 15″ 1.25GHz PowerBook. It was a fair trade. We’re really happy together :-D. I’m not going to say much more about it, because if I wasn’t me and I was reading myself blab about how cool I am now, I probably wouldn’t like me.

Apple Store presentation

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#start shameless plug
print("Come out to the Apple Store in Tampa tomorrow at 7pm ET to watch Jon Gales show off web development on the Mac.");

Seriously. Come out. It will be good times. If you have anything you’d like to see, just let me know. There’s still some room to work new stuff in :P.

Being “that guy”

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** Update: I should have noted that this post is about last night’s Cubs game… A fan cost the cubs an out right when it would have helped. They ended up losing. More info here. **

Have you ever been that guy? The one that if everyone had sticks, you would be poked from all sides until your bruises sport bruises. I have, but not quite to that degree. Costing the NLCS. That’s pretty rough.

Hopefuly #5 is lucky

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I just ordered my 5th Sony Ericsson T68i. Yummy. Like 3 of the others, my current unit has decided it doesn’t want to hop onto the network even though there is service. I could have opted to get the Sony Ericsson T610 instead, but the upgrade price was $299. Ha. Nice try T-Mobile. I know my rights.

My contract ends in December, but for a few reasons I want to stick with T-Mobile (unlimited GPRS for example). I’m currently looking for possible phones, but the playing field is pretty damn small. I need Bluetooth (due to said unlimited GPRS) which weeds out almost everything. The way I see it, it comes down to the Sony Ericsson T610, Motorola V600 or the Nokia 3660 (am I missing something?). I haven’t had much luck with my current Sony Ericsson which makes me nervous about the T610, the V600 hasn’t been approved by the FCC which is a pretty major glitch, and the Nokia 3660 is a brick. Ugh.