Explain MySQL indexes for me?

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Anyone want to explain MySQL indexes for me? I can’t seem to get them to work for a SELECT statement that includes OR. For example:

SELECT * FROM table_name WHERE column = 'x' OR column2 = 'y';

I’ve read in the manual others have trouble with OR too… So for now I’ve just made the queries use a single column (they switch back and forth depending on a variable).

The difference is striking, using the index on a single-column query the time is around .00015 seconds. Without an index and using OR, the query takes .3 seconds. Since I’m doing a lot of these queries, 3 a second is a deal breaker.

Any help would be appreciated. I don’t really have a mental hold on why indexes work in the first place, understanding that would probably be the key.

TypePad grows legs

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Just got the announcement… TypePad will be available to the public at large on August 4th as a Preview Release. The pricing is, $4.95/$8.95/$14.95 a month for basic/plus/pro. The full feature comparison is now publically available.

I think the pro is a little much a month. Especially since you can install MovableType for free… but Ben and Mena (and Anil!) have to eat too. TypePad really does have a lot more features, and it’s nice to know that your site is in good hands. Such a sexy interface too. I’m such a sucker.

So–sign up! If you talk to me, I can give you a code that will get you 20% off (a beta tester perk). Limited to the first 20 people. You get a few months free too, very cool.

Update: I should have mentioned that I don’t get the code until Monday (when you can actually sign up). Comment if you want one.

PHP market is hot

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The market for PHP programming is really getting hot. I’ve never had as many job offers as I’ve had in the past few weeks. Maybe I should jack my price. :).

Finally, it has a name

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After months of late nights searching whois, we finally came up with (and registered) a name for a still-under-NDA site. Since I’m not going to talk about it, why did I mention it? I’m excited dammit. More details as soon as they pass through the legal department.

Yes, this entry partly pokes more fun at my beloved fellow TypePadders. But, I’m serious. It’s exciting.

Hydra’s update makes it not-suck

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images/screenshot-minutesHydra got an update, and I must say I am impressed. The little app got major praise after its debut for the interesting concept—live group editing of textual data. You just hit share and people on the LAN or via the net can group-edit a file. Your changes show up as one color, mine as another. The third wheel’s yet another. Sort of like a .txt wiki on steroids.

The main problem with Hydra was that it was a marginal text editor. No BBEdit. That was to be expected because it was new, free, and well not from BareBones. It was above TextEdit, but below BBEdit Lite.

Things just got more interesting though, they introduced a new killer feature… Using Safari 1.0’s WebKit engine, the Hydra folks have figured out how to have a live preview of HTML docs. Very cool. I know of no other editor that does this (at least with a developed HTML rendering engine). The editor has gotten better too. It’s no revolution, but it is making for some competition.

Here’s what I want to see with this live editor… Use OS X’s Apache web server to make things REALLY interesting. If Hydra fed the document through Apache first, users could develop PHP/Perl/Ruby/SSI/Whaterthehell applications with live previews (most likely you’d want to preview after a command). The only editor on the Mac that does this is Zend’s, but it only works for PHP (I don’t think it uses Apache at all… but I could be wrong).

Dumb ass readers

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By running a [semi] popular website, you are automatically set in the sights of nearly every dumb ass with a keyboard. Here’s the actual text of an email (from our feedback form) I received today. It’s edited to have the source remain anonymous:

To: jon AT macmerc.com et al
Subject: MacMerc Reader Feedback
From: xxx@mac.com
Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2003 08:38:37 -0700 (PDT)

Sender’s Name: XXX
Sender’s E-Mail: xxx@mac.com
Message: I am sure you folks like Newtons. So perhaps it would be better to say Newton Tricks. Get rid of the word stupid.

He was talking about this post (it’s titled “Stupid Newton Tricks”). As I<3Mena readers, I'm sure you all grasp the allusion to David Letterman's "Stupid Human Tricks", but even if you do not (international for instance), it is plain to see that we do indeed like the Newton:

Apple’s Newton is a great example of a well made gadget. Even though they’ve been KIA for many years, Mac-geeks are still making them do new and cool stuff. Seven Frank of Panic Software fame has his Newton checking his Mac.com email via a wireless GPRS connection fed by his Sony Ericsson P800. Why? Because he can. We salute you Steven!

If that isn’t geek love, I don’t know what is. Even Steven called his post, “Stupid PDA Tricks #2304”.

Oh well, 1,300 other people understood.

FTP just html files? [earn money]

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If anyone knows how I can just download .htm[l] files from a server via FTP I will PayPal you $10. I have a server with probably 20,000 files and I only need the HTML stuff, and all of it. I have a feeling there is a way to do it with the terminal, or maybe even Transmit’s “batch” feature, but can’t figure it out (haven’t put much though to it, but it’s probably not worth my time). If you know how, just comment. First person with the tip that I use and works gets the cash.

Oh, and it has to spawn directories. I need EVERYTHING.

Update: The offer has expired. I bit the bullet and downloaded the whole darn thing. Ugh. Thanks for the ideas.

Securing forms with random noisy images

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Excellent tutorial from Zend on how to implement those “type what you see” things so common now days. It’s even used over at the MobileTracker Boards. Even if you don’t have a problem with bots filling out your forms, it’s hella impressive. I always think more highly of sites that do it (but being someone that builds such applications, I am probably not a target demo).

Only thing wrong with the tutorial is there is no demo. Come on boys. That’s half the fun!

Update: Added the link. Man I’m slow.


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I’d say I am a self-confident. Sounds great until you note that the page is narcissistic.html. Hah. It’s interesting to read something that is just like you. Weird. Here is a sample:

“Self-Confident individuals believe in themselves and in their abilities. They have no doubt that they are unique and special and that there is a reason for their being on this planet.”

Very true. I don’t think it’s a bad thing… No matter the file name. More interesting facts come from the hedonist page. It lists a lot of info including traits. Here are some of my less tasteful traits:

Cynical, egotistical, interrupts, manipulative, messy, optimistic (Ed. note, what the hell? This should be a good thing. Oh crap, I’m interrupting again…), restless, scatterbrained, wants credit.

I’d say those are right. Now to be fair, I should list my strengths:

Amusing, animated, bold, charismatic, charming, competitive, convincing, enthusiastic, funny, influencing, innovative, optimistic (Ed. note, Look who was right now be-atch), persuasive, positive, promoter, risk-taking, sociable, sophisticated, witty.

Yep. I am an optimistic cynic that never sleeps well and can charm your pants off. That and get a link on your website.


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BuyMusic.com launched today. No big surprise. It’s lame too:

1) Their search is broken. They messed up the HTML. Here’s where the form points: http://www.buymusic.com\searchResults.aspx

Dumb asses. Backslash baby…. Backslash.

2) It’s based on WindowsMedia. That would make me nervous.
3) They say 79¢-$7.95, but I just looked up 50 Cent and it’s 99¢/$9.99. Beynoce is 99¢ too… But hey–Tommy Lee is 79¢!
4) Album cover art is broken (404’s)
5) Eminem is 99¢ too. Sorry to sound like a broken record, but no one that’s popular is 79¢.
6) DRM is a little weird. It’s artist specific. With the iTMS I know I can download a song (re-download if I need to), burn it to a CD x times, and if need be transfer it back and forth to a portable x times. This Coldplay single can only be burned 3 times and transfered 3 times. That’s really lame if you don’t have an iPod (especially solid state players that max out at 128MB).
7) Their ads are exactly like Apple’s. Look for Apple Legal to rape these poor souls.

Update: Added an extension to #1