So quiet these days

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Now that SpamSieve is getting rid of nearly all my spam (> 99%) and the anti-telemarketing list is in effect (yep, it’s legal and all that good stuff), I have nothing but real work to do. No more nasty sales interuptions. Here’s to an even higher American productivity rate!

My Dock

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This looks fun. So following Jason Kottke’s call, I am posting my dock. Unlike some of the others (and like Kottke), my Dock is in the default position. It’s as small as it goes just because I like my real estate.


It goes: Finder, Mailsmith, SpamSieve, Camino, iTunes, iChat, Transmit, BBedit, NetNewsWire, Preview and TextEdit. Woot. I don’t think Preview or TextEdit are in the Dock when they aren’t open, but they are usually open so I should probably make them stick. The folder without markings is my old Applications folder (I have two drives and changed over a while ago). I am lazy.

I also recently cleaned house on the Dock… Took out the Terminal, Dreamweaver MX, Adium and Address Book. I think Dreamweaver MX 2004 and Hydra (erm, SubEthaEdit) will make it in. I’m pretty picky.

Quentin Tarantino on Leno

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Anyone else see Quentin Tarantino on the Tonight Show last night? Probably the single most funny interview I have ever watched. Evidently Quentin hit the open bar pretty hard before the interview, because he made almost no sense. Every sentence was about something new and unrelated. He didn’t even want to promote his new movie—Kill Bill.

It also helped that he was dressed in what seemed like a silk suit that showed a lot of chest (missed a few buttons and went sans undershirt) and had a cane in tow. AKA a pimp suit.

The new movie sounds great, and has received amazing reviews. I’ll be there. You?

Monkey see, MacMinute do

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A while ago I changed the ads on MobileTracker to a new color/size scheme. The main page gets standard web banners (468 x 60), while the permalinks get larger “rectange” banners (300 x 250). The colors went from default Google blue to a nice set of oranges (there may be a few alternations as one of the ads is testing out rotating colors). The clickthrouth rate (CTR) went from great to amazing.

Last week, MacMinute made some changes too. They are now using standard web banners on the main page and rectangle banners on the permalinks. Oh, forgot to mention–they have a nice orange on orange color scheme. I think their main page banner rotates colors, but refresh enough times and you’ll see the orange.

Too bad I don’t have their traffic, because I bet just the increase in money they are making by using my technique could pay a nice part-time salary.

**I’m not angry/bitter/upset at MacMinute, they are my boys. Hopefully this will bring them their second sports cars**

The anti-Slashdot effect

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BitTorrent should be elected president. It’s the only application that makes files faster when they get Slashdotted. I downloaded a 100+ MB DivX that was being downloaded by thousands of fellow geeks at 225K/s sustained. It’s a beautiful thing.

I let my connection stay active for a while (still on in fact)… Already uploaded more than I downloaded. I’m a good netizen. And yes. I still buy CD’s/DVD’s/Software. P2P isn’t the antichrist quite yet.

No I won’t do your homework

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I was looking for some web dev work tonight and found this. Some guy wants his resume in XHTML… No biggy. Oh wait—it’s not his resume. Here’s the link he gives for more info. This guy is paying someone to do his homework. A quick look at his history says he’s a serial cheater.

HTML is dog-easy. I pray this bum isn’t in a computer major. It would almost be worth taking the job just to get his real name to report to the prof.

Update: So I did the prick thing and found the last name of the Prof (via the link). Using that and the search engine on the university’s site, I found his email address. He wrote back and said it was indeed one of his students. So to whoever you are: sucker.

SpamSieve is kicking butt

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Since I have upgraded to SpamSieve 2 (Yea, yea so I took a while) the other day, I have gotten no spams. None. No false positives either. This comes with great timing as I just wrote earlier how spam just ratcheted up a notch for me.

I dumped the corpus and re-trained 2.0 using my old spams and archived good messages… If you buy Mailsmith (review on MacMerc forthcoming), you’ll even get it for free.

A new Apple logo

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It’s true ladies and gentlemen… Apple has a new logo shown off in the latest Panther builds (> 74). Not that I would know anything about it :P. Thoughts? I think it’s “Aluminum” to fit in with the PowerBooks, but it could also be passed off as chrome.

I’ve heard the logo shows up on the log-in box as well. Can’t vouch for this first hand though.

Webhosting allstar deal (ends today)

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If you’re looking for webhosting, I couldn’t recommend Dreamhost enough. It’s what I host MobileTracker on, and I love it. I noticed today that they are offering an amazing sale—sign up for the lowest level account and receive the highest level account for nothing more. The lowlevel costs $9.95 a month, and the highlevel costs $79.95. They are both worth every penny.

The bad part? It ends today. It only started two days ago so I don’t feel so bad for not knowing. Only new customers get the deal. If you want to sign up, please do so through my link as it gets me a buck off my bill (which is more than $9.95 cause I don’t get this deal).

Spam ratchet up a notch?

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Anyone else seeing more spam today (literally it just started today)? I woke up to literally 20 messages that got past my filters pushing nothing but Viagra, low interest rates and weight loss. I’m 18, in no need of a loan, and have a body mass index that would beat Tiger Woods in a round of golf. When will they learn to target this crap?

15 more awaited me when I got back from class. Using 91% as the average number of spams caught by Spam Sieve, this makes today’s junk in the 300-320 range. Not bad for half a days work eh?